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Quinn Cobbledger is making finding the perfect fit faster, easier, and cheaper for talented candidates and employers.

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Quinn Cobbledger is changing how we hire (and retain) employees.
Our mobile apps use short voice recordings to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces at work.

Our apps help move the needle on what matters most.
QCL's apps expand talent pools, improve retention and help deliver on workforce diversity pledges.
Get actionable data and make real, measurable progress.  

Solve talent problems exacerbated by
COVID-19 and The Great Resignation

Quinn Cobbledger's Job Pitch app uses 60-second elevator pitch audio recordings to quickly match qualified applicants and employers.

Candidates can also use Job Pitch to show their likelihood of passing pre-employment background screenings
before their first interview. This gives qualified candidates a leg up on the competition and reduces the time-to-hire for employers.

Reduce bias in hiring
(and promotion) processes

Resume and applicant tracking systems have historically excluded large groups of qualified candidates. By using audio pitches that highlight skills, salary needs and role expectations, QCL's apps help reduce hiring bias by keeping the focus on skills and experience.

We're saving candidates and recruiters countless hours spent on awkward screening calls. Quinn Cobbledger is expanding talent pools and helping people find their perfect fit.

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